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Russian media: Ukraine man went to Russia to avoid a surge in the number of recruitment

2015 02 04 09:37   Source:   Mobile phone news
Print social bookmark error correction share Recommend     Name in Moscow on 3 February, (reporter Hua Di) according to Itar Tass news agency quoted the 2 Immigration News Center in Russia said that within a week to enter the Russian meet from Ukraine called the age of men increased 20 thousand people.

The news said that Russia currently has nearly 2 million 500 thousand citizens of Ukraine, which accords with the number of men called age is 1 million 193 thousand. Immigration data show that the number of more than 850 thousand from the southeast region of Ukraine.

In addition, the Russian immigration bureau also said that about 440 thousand people to obtain refugee status, temporary shelter and a temporary residence permit from the southeastern ukraine.

Data show that at present Russia there are 531 temporary settlements of refugees, refugees in Ukraine hold a total of 27000 people.

It is reported that in January 20th, Ukraine launched a fourth round of recruitment plan to recruit 50 thousand reservists. The next round is expected in April and June. Ukrainian defense minister Poltorak said 2015 will probably recruit 104000 people. Escape service will face imprisonment for 2 to 5 years. The Ukrainian armed forces general staff representative Tara Rai said, if necessary, will sign 25 to 50 year old woman.

(commissioning editor: Jess Zhang, Meng Yan)

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