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The Russian release of 37 Chinese illegal workers: Russian Internet users work in Russia is not worthwhile

01 2015 29 July at 14:34   Source: - Global Times   Mobile phone news
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According to the Russian Interfax news agency reported that 28 Russian federal immigration bureau of Volgograd Prefecture Branch spokesman said 27, recently, they will take joint action with the police inventory of illegal immigrants, 90 workers were detained Chinese. Chinese Embassy in Russia 28 evening news release, the embassy leadership attaches great importance to the understanding of russia. Immigration officials told state V, indeed the inventory operations, involving a total of 37 China citizens. About 10 people sentenced 2000 rubles administrative fines, and 10 were sentenced to a self departure due to long-term illegal detention. At present, all personnel have been released.

Russian media reported that this action aims to curb foreign citizens engaged in illegal activities in the local. This action in the city of Volgograd "Chinese City Trade Center and Trade Center, wal Lipinski city expansion. The action has seized 90 illegal workers from China, local immigration authorities will conduct investigation on them. Is currently investigating these Chinese invited to Russia's legal work, and pursue the legal liability of legal person in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws such as the organization of illegal immigrants, legal person will face heavy fines. The report pointed out that last year, the state has repatriated more than 400 foreign illegal immigrants, including from Vietnam, Afghanistan, Egypt, Serbia and China, Central Asia and other countries citizens.

This is not the first seizure of Volgograd China workers. In May 2013, it had detained 74 people from China workers who, after they have been repatriated. For Chinese illegal workers checked, many Russian netizens expressed surprise. Some netizens said that many Chinese domestic jobs, especially in the current situation of the large devaluation of the ruble, Chinese workers working in Russia is not worthwhile. After 1 yuan RMB 5 rubles, and now reached 11-12 rubles. Chinese working in Russia unprofitable. Global Times [Liu Yupeng]

(Yan Meng, Jess Zhang: commissioning editor)

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