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The Russian prime minister ordered the implementation of the anti crisis plan reserves of about $3 billion (Figure)

2015 01 28 10:27   Source:   Mobile phone news
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Original title: Russian prime minister ordered the implementation of the anti crisis plan reserves of about $3 billion (Figure)

Data figure: Russian Prime Minister Medvedev.

China News Agency, Moscow, January 27 Xinhua (reporter Jia Jingfeng) the Russian federal government prime minister Medvedev signed a decree on the evening of 27, the implementation of the national anti crisis plan. Russian finance minister Si Lou Aranoff said the same day, the plan budget reserves 1930 billion rubles ($30 billion). After the news that the country will allocate 1.375 trillion rubles for the entire anti crisis plan ($212 billion).

The Russian Prime Minister press secretary Dima Kurkovva said on the 27 night, Medvedev signed a government order including the basic points of anti crisis plan, the government will be announced in 28 days of full text, Medvedev will be on the same day with the heads of government departments to discuss the implementation of the plan in all areas, and discuss the specific implementation act.

It is understood that the anti crisis plan's goal is to promote economic growth, the support of key departments, to ensure social stability. According to Itar Tass quoted data refers to the anti crisis plan total funding of about $21 billion 200 million, including financial institutions, funds to invest in infrastructure, agriculture, industry and other fields. To this end, Medvedev cabinet need to prepare package of measures and regulatory framework, including about 60 supporting bill.

Si Lou Aranoff 27, confirmed that the federal government has decided to take the anti crisis plan, but not for the implementation of the plan to increase the budget, thus it can be expected that the budget will be lower than the earlier estimate. He said that the current national finance for anti crisis plan established reserves, reserves of about $30 in early 2015, start execution plan, including about $2 billion 600 million will be used.

"During the anti crisis plan, Russia will implement appropriate fiscal policy, the target price of 70 dollars a barrel of crude oil, to maintain a balanced budget, Si Lou Aranoff said," we do not intend to blindly use of the national reserves of anti crisis measures will be taken, and, in a year is expected to plan period, promote structural reform, improve total quality management, the quality of the budget, in order to ensure a certain amount of reserves, rather than it spent one or two years". (end)

(commissioning editor: Jess Zhang, Meng Yan)

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