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Foreign media: Putin "absent" Auschwitz memorial or to avoid being cold

01 2015 28 July at 10:27   Source: - Global Times   Mobile phone news
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Poland 27 days to commemorate the liberation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp in 70th anniversary, foreign leaders attended the long list of the past will be invited to attend the party, liberated the camp on behalf of the State Russian President Putin's name is not one of them, this was some media interpreted as Poland deliberately snubbed Putin, to showcase Russia isolated by the international community because of the crisis in Ukraine.

27 70 day is the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp, is also the United Nations International Holocaust Remembrance day". The international Auschwitz Committee and the Poland national memorial to Auschwitz in Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp site held a grand celebration. French President Nicolas Hollande, the president of Ukraine Poroshenko summit of 18 countries attended. In addition, there are about 300 Auschwitz survivors were invited from all over the world. However, Russian President Putin did not attend the day of commemoration, particularly conspicuous.

According to Russia's "the Moscow Times reported last year, held at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp large liberation Memorial, Poland president general will issue a formal invitation to the leaders of russia. But last year, jointly organized the commemoration of the Poland Committee and the international Auschwitz Auschwitz National Memorial said that this year's anniversary will avoid politics, will focus on the survivors and not politicians. Therefore, the organizers did not send a formal invitation. Reuters quoted sources as saying that the government of Poland sent a note to the leaders of many countries. Most countries received note and wave communication, attended by the heads of government to decide. But the Russian side believes that this invitation, "not enough component", therefore, Russia sent a director of the office of the president Ivanov attended. Reported that the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov before the reference event organizer direction of Russia's ambassador to Poland Museum from the original letter said, "if you want to be able to attend. If you want to participate in, participants who told us". Lavrov said, regardless of the invitation.

The Associated Press reported on 27 that, despite Poland's reluctance to admit the country clearly snubbed Putin. According to the British "Guardian" reported that 10 years ago in the same event, Putin as an important guest speech at the ceremony, 2010 years, when Russian President Medvedev attended the ceremony, in contrast to the western countries show that Russia has become a collective exclusion and boycott target. Reuters said, the Soviet Red Army for the liberation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp is regarded as a hero, after the disintegration of the Soviet Union's biggest country, the absence of Putin memorial activities will seem very harsh". The European Jewish Association, who declined to be Name officials said, "the victory over Nazi efforts in many countries, there is also a western ally the Soviet army. A country is a sad disgrace for the Holocaust is crowding out for political reasons".

"Two times out of tune" diplomacy in Poland, Germany, "Frankfurt report" said 27, Poland did not invite Putin to the camp after liberation Memorial, Poland's foreign minister also said that the Ukrainian people are liberated the camp ", triggered a strong reaction in russia. Russian news agency quoted Putin 27 in Moscow to attend the commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp saying that the Russian people make a major contribution for the fight against fascism. Trying to distort and distort the history of people, to conceal their hypocrisy, humiliation and betrayal, directly or indirectly for the defense. According to the Russian news network reported on the 27 link, the Russian scholar Vorobyev said that the current tensions between Russia and the West and Poland. Western countries are trying to take this opportunity to show Russian leaders in Crimea and the situation was isolated by donbas. Ukraine's parliament 27 days passed the resolution, Russia will be characterized as "aggression", and called on western countries to Russia to increase sanctions. Cologne University of Eastern Europe scholar Simone believed that he remembered clearly by the G20 summit in Australia of the cold, he did not attend the commemorative activities, is to avoid being isolated again. But the event itself is a shame for Russia once again. "The Moscow Times said that polls show that many people in Poland have doubts about the Russian government stance on the crisis in Ukraine. Poland will hold presidential and parliamentary elections this year, taking into account the formal invitation for Putin to attend the commemoration will hurt the public opinion, the government shows the road and sleek diplomacy. On the one hand, the public are welcome to attend the activities of Putin, on the other hand have created the awkward atmosphere, let Putin have to avoid. "Similar embarrassment will continue to perform", "the guardian" said the Baltic countries plan to boycott Russia will be held in May 70th anniversary anniversary of victory in World War II, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and other leaders have said, will not participate in the activities. [Global Times newspaper in Poland, the German mission freelance reporter Li Zengwei Aoki Liu Yupeng Xu Zhenzhen]

(commissioning editor: Jess Zhang, Meng Yan)

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