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Putin condemned the attempts to tamper with history that tend to cover up their own shame

01 2015 28 July at 10:27   Source:   Mobile phone news
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According to Russian media reports, 27, Russian President Putin in commemoration of the Holocaust activities that any attempt to distort history are not acceptable, behind this often is to cover up their own shame and Nazi accomplice behavior.

Putin said, similar crime may not have the time, they will not be forgiven, not forgotten. Putin stressed that any want to make these events silent, attempt to distort history is unacceptable and immoral.

Putin said, these attempts are often behind is to cover up their own shame, fear, hypocrisy and treachery. He stressed that all the facts of history should be remembered.

Putin said that with the Nazis, the Russian people suffered most, 70% officers and soldiers of the Red Army are Russians, the Russians on the way to the great victory at the expense of the most. He also pointed out that the Jewish citizens of the Soviet Union has made great contribution to the victory over the enemy, there are about 500000 Jews in the Soviet Red army.

Putin stressed that the national representative should remember the heroic spirit, and thank them. Putin pointed out, will celebrate the 70 anniversary of the great victory this year, Russia will once again to a veteran of the warmest thanks.

The 27 day is a former Soviet Red Army liberated the Auschwitz Concentration Camp 70th anniversary anniversary. During World War II, about 1 million 500 thousand people, most of them Jews were killed in Nazi concentration camps.

German President gauck, President of Austria Fischer, French President Hollande, Belgium and Holland royal couple and heads of government will go to the memorial. The ceremony will be presided over by the president of Poland Komorowski. But Putin did not attend the 70th anniversary liberation memorial ceremony, attended by the director of the office of the president Ivanov on behalf of. Moscow explained that Putin had not received the invitation.

(commissioning editor: Jess Zhang, Meng Yan)

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