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Eastern Ukraine crisis

01 2015 26 July at 10:26   Source: People's daily   Mobile phone news
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Recently, large-scale conflict broke out again in eastern Ukraine, eastern Ukraine a sharp deterioration of the situation. In January 24th, the Ukrainian government forces and civil armed conflict in the coastal town of Mariupol, the Ukrainian defense ministry said that the conflict has killed 16 civilians were killed and more than 80 injured. At present, the Ukrainian government forces and militias in Donetsk and Lugansk and other places have war. The Russian news agency quoted the civil armed spokesman as saying that the Ukrainian government forces since 12 has 752 soldiers killed, hundreds of military equipment damage. Ukrainian defense ministry said the day before, a week has killed 300 civilian personnel.

In this round of conflict in civilian casualties. 13, the Donetsk area was hit by a bus shells, killing 12 people; 23, Donetsk City, a bus station exploded, killing 8 people. Government forces and militias accused each other made the tragedy, but due to the tense situation, in-depth investigation of the objective is temporarily unable to carry out.

Although the four 21 held in Berlin (Germany, Russia, France, Ukraine) foreign ministers meeting, the parties jointly appealed to Ukrainian parties to the conflict to an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the front, but according to the current situation, the two sides not only did not abide by the agreement, and the continuous deepening of the conflict also increased the risk. By the self proclaimed "Donetsk people's Republic of China deputy commander Basurin declared the evening of 23, due to the Ukrainian army to attack", so in the current situation, the militias will no longer comply with the agreed last September in the Belarus capital Minsk ceasefire agreement. Ukraine Prime Minister Jacek nyuk in 21 suggested Ukraine judicial department and other relevant departments to formulate laws, as the eastern folk armed terrorist organization, once this proposal really implemented, will undoubtedly intensify contradictions and more.

Russian President Putin held 23 meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, he accused the Ukrainian central government under the banner of peace in force, and the use of heavy weapons caused casualties among innocent civilians. But Putin also said that Russia hopes Ukraine authorities recognize that only through peaceful means to resolve the conflict in eastern ukraine. The Ukrainian government militias claimed that serious violations of the ceasefire agreement in Minsk, since September has expanded the control area of 500 square kilometers, while the Russian armed forces are also involved in the conflict in eastern ukraine. 20, Ukraine's national security and defense committee spokesman Li Senke said that the Ukrainian government forces near Lugansk was Russia's regular army attack and a fierce battle, but the Russian Defense Ministry has denied this. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in 21 responded that, at present there is no evidence that the Russian troops and weapons in the territory of Ukraine.

The Russian economy after the Soviet Academy of Sciences Research Center researcher Artem Perrin said the reporter, by the current situation, the conflict of mutual trust is very low, and a meeting held in Kazakhstan in Astana after the plan has been delayed, so the most important thing is an immediate ceasefire and increase mutual trust, expand the channels of dialogue, the parties concerned should play more constructive role.

(1 24, Moscow)

"People's Daily" (2015 01 25 03)
(commissioning editor: Jess Zhang, Meng Yan)

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