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The Russian government recently is expected to pass a series of measures to counter the crisis

01 2015 23 July at 17:50   Source:   Mobile phone news
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Russian Prime Minister Medvedev 22, said that the Russian government is expected to respond to the crisis by the plan in the near future, in order to promote economic development, to ensure macroeconomic stability.

Medvedev pointed out that day at the government meeting, the government response to the crisis include plans to stimulate economic growth, support key industries and maintain social stability in three aspects.

Medvedev said, according to the plan to deal with the crisis, the Russian government will provide national deposit insurance institutions amounted to 1 trillion rubles ($15 billion 400 million) funding, related work will be completed before the end of this month. At the same time, the state-owned banks will receive 250 billion rubles from the national welfare fund ($3 billion 800 million), to provide financing for infrastructure construction projects. In addition, the Russian government will also participate in the implementation of the national priority investment projects to increase their national security efforts.

He stressed that the implementation of plans to deal with the crisis of huge investment, should be to maximize the efficiency of the use of funds, which will be put to can produce the effect field.

Medvedev said that the main problem of the current Russian industrial enterprises are faced with financing environment deterioration, lack of liquidity. To this end, the Russian government will compensate for the part of industrial enterprises lending, in order to enrich its liquidity. He pointed out that, according to the plan to deal with the crisis, to maintain social stability, the Russian government will monitor the implementation of the food and medicine are closely related to people's life and commodity prices, the increase of employment for low-income residents, the disabled, the elderly and families with many children to give special support.

Influenced by Western sanctions against Russia and continued to decline in international oil prices, Russia's economic downward pressure increasing. According to the latest forecast of the Russian Ministry of economic development, if oil prices between $40 to $60, Russia's gross domestic product will shrink by 3% in 2015 to 5%. (reporter Yue Lianguo)

(commissioning editor: Jess Zhang, Meng Yan)

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