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Russian channel

The Russian government is expected to adopt a package of measures to deal with the crisis in the near future.

2015 01, 23, 17:50   Source: China News Network   Mobile News
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Russian Prime Minister Medvedev said 22, the Russian government is expected to respond to the crisis plan in the near future, in order to promote economic development and ensure macroeconomic stability.

On the same day, Medvedev pointed out at the government conference that the government should deal with three aspects of the crisis plan, including stimulating economic growth, supporting key industries and maintaining social stability.

Medvedev said that according to the plan to deal with the crisis, the Russian government will provide the state deposit insurance institutions with a total support of 1 trillion rubles (US $15 billion 400 million), and the relevant work will be completed before the end of this month. Meanwhile, state-owned banks will receive 250 billion roubles (US $3 billion 800 million) from the national welfare fund to finance infrastructure projects. In addition, the Russian government will also increase the state guarantee for enterprises participating in the implementation of priority investment projects of the state.

He stressed that the implementation of coping with the crisis plan has huge investment and should ensure the efficiency of capital utilization to the greatest extent and put it into a field that can produce results.

Medvedev said that the main problem facing Russian industrial enterprises is the deterioration of financing environment and insufficient liquidity. To this end, the Russian government will reimburse part of the borrowing and expenditure of industrial enterprises to replenish its liquidity. He pointed out that, in response to the crisis plan, in order to maintain social stability, the Russian government will monitor the prices of food and pharmaceuticals, which are closely related to people's lives, and do everything possible to increase employment and give special support to low-income residents, the disabled, the elderly and families with many children.

Under the influence of Western sanctions against Russia and the continuing decline in international oil prices, the downward pressure on Russian economic development has been increasing. According to the latest forecast of the Russian economic development department, if oil price is between 40 US dollars and 60 dollars per barrel, Russia's GDP will shrink by 3% to 5% in 2015. (reporter Yue Lianguo)

(Editor: Jess Zhang, Yan Meng)

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