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The president of Ukraine said that 9000 Russian troops in the battle of Russia demanded evidence

01 2015 23 July at 10:32   Source:   Mobile phone news
Print social bookmark error correction share Recommend     Name January 23rd news according to Davos news from the Swiss Reuters, in January 22nd, Ukraine's president Poroshenko accused Russia of sending 9000 soldiers to the eastern Ukrainian separatist armed support, participate in combat.

Moscow said Poroshenko should show the facts to prove. However, boluoshenke received the support of NATO, the Russian army said the increase in the number of heavy military equipment used in eastern Ukraine, and again called for the withdrawal of Russian troops.

Poroshenko in Davos world economic forum said that the Russian army was directly involved in the conflict in Ukraine. This is the most direct to Russia so far to accuse him. He said that the Russian army is equipped with tanks, heavy artillery and armored vehicles and other heavy weapons, "if it's not aggression, so what is the aggression?" Poroshenko also called for Russia to abide by the three parties last September in Minsk to reach a peace plan. The scheme is simple -- to stop the supply of weapons...... The withdrawal and the closure of the border, "he said. "If you want to talk about something else, that you not for peace, but for the war."

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov day to refute the allegations, said the hope of making progress in talks. "If you are so confident, blame, please take the facts. But no one can put out the facts, or don't want to do that, "Lavrov in Berlin rushed to participate in the peace talks held before the press conference said.

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said at a press conference in Brussels, NATO to the Russian army has been observed in several months in Ukraine's move, recently noticed a number of tanks, artillery and other heavy equipment increased. (old)

(commissioning editor: Jess Zhang, Meng Yan)

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