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The Russian Defense Ministry refuted Ukraine about to enter the Russian Ukrainian territory argument

01 2015 21 June 09:40   Source:   Mobile phone news
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(reporter Zhang Jiye) the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Conoy Schenker J 20, said that the Ukraine authorities statement on the Russian armed forces to enter the territory of Ukraine does not conform to the actual situation.

Conoy Schenker J said that the Ukraine authorities said in a statement released on the 19 suspected Russian armed forces across the border into the territory of Ukraine, Russia and ukraine. This is a groundless statement, be not worth refuting.

Conoy Schenker J said, Ukraine's national security and Defense Committee announced that 19 suspected Russian armed forces into the territory of Ukraine Luhansk in just a few hours later, the Ukraine government leaders said the Russian military forces in eastern Ukraine Donetsk, "this is in an attempt to force to resolve the crisis in Ukraine politicians the Russian invasion of the illusion is not set. Accidental".

19 media quoted the Ukraine Ukraine national security and Defense Committee of the news that two battalions of Russian troops have entered the territory of Ukraine. Subsequently, Ukrainian Prime Minister Jacek nyuk jointly held with the visiting Poland Prime Minister Kopacz said at a press conference, there is evidence that the Russian armed forces in the territory of Ukraine. Jacek nyuk that occurred in the territory of Ukraine tanks, "hail rocket," tornado "rockets and other equipment may only be for all russian.

In September 5, 2014, Ukraine three party liaison group with the eastern Ukrainian folk armed representatives in Belarus's capital Minsk to reach a ceasefire agreement. In September 19th, the three party Liaison Group signed a memorandum with the eastern Ukrainian folk armed representatives, set up 30 km wide buffer. Because of the lack of trust on both sides of the conflict, a ceasefire agreements and memoranda were not effectively implemented. Recently the conflict escalated once again, the Ukrainian government forces and civil armed fierce fighting occurred in Donetsk airport, both use rocket launchers, tanks and other heavy weapons. (reporter Zhang Jiye)

(commissioning editor: Jess Zhang, Meng Yan)

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