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Putin: Russia and India jointly developed high precision of cruise missile and a fifth generation fighter

15:16 on December 10, 2014   Source:   Mobile phone news
Print social bookmark error correction share Recommend     Name 12 10 April hearing, according to Russia's new network 10, Moscow, Russian President 9 Putin said the Russian Indian military technical cooperation began from the traditional mode to demand a supplier to the joint development of the modern weapon system transition. Putin's visit to India in the eve of accepting news agency Press Trust of India (PTI) said in a written interview, Moscow and New Delhi in the field of military technology cooperation has been for several decades.

Putin said: "we attach great importance to the development of military technical cooperation, it is an important part of the strategic partnership between the two countries. The two sides are carefully discussed urgently this important project in the field of product technology, involving equipment supply, close cooperation, technology and industry." He stressed that "at the same time, I would like to emphasize that India is a reliable and proven partner. If you are talking about some of the changes, it is quite another way. As highlighted by the high level, bilateral cooperation and mutual trust, the transition from the traditional model to the two countries gradually from the demand for a supplier to the joint development of the modern weapon system". Putin said that this instance exists for effective cooperation. He added, "I mean Russia and India jointly developed the high precision of cruise missile 'Bula Moss', and the development of the fifth generation multipurpose fighter".

During Putin's visit to India, the two defense department plans to sign a flight safety protocol. Russian presidential aide Ushakov said earlier, will discuss the problem of a fifth generation fighter jointly developed Russia is being tested in the talks, and multipurpose transport aircraft and missile "Brad Moss". In addition, Ushakov said that during the meeting will also discuss cooperation projects on the Sukhoi -100 super jumbo jet and the development of satellite navigation.

In response to India recently to Russia and Pakistan to strengthen cooperation in the field of military technology expressed concern about the issue, the Russian president said that Pakistan and Russia may increase in terrorism and drug action against effective help held talks. Putin said, "I think this kind of cooperation conforms to the long-term interests of all countries including India area". (old)

(Yan Meng, Jess Zhang: commissioning editor)

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