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Russia says Pakistan will not only improve the version of 'tipping J 31 interest

In December 2014 05, 08:49   Source: Global military   Mobile phone news
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The current progress in manufacturing the first Xiaolong Block II fighter smoothly, the machine is scheduled to be held before the end of this year the first flight.

The electronic system Xiaolong Block II fighter

Pakistan Xiaolong Block prototype II modification, installation of air refueling by probe

Pakistan Xiaolong Block prototype II modification, installation of air refueling by probe

Prime Minister Nawaz Sheriff personally experience JF-17 Xiaolong

According to the Russian military industrial complex news network reported on December 4th, "Pakistan express" forum December 2nd disclosed that said the Pakistan aviation industry integrated company director, air marshal Javed 2 held in Karachi IDEAS International Defense Exhibition, Pakistan Air Force has fielded 50 aircraft JF-17 self assembled JF-17 fighter, "also plans to put the first to pick in December 5 JF-17 Block2 aircraft.

Jia Weide pointed out that after the Chinese air force to Pakistan in 2007 the first aircraft delivered JF-17 fighter, Pakistan began to assemble the JF-17 in Chinese Chengdu aircraft industry company assistance from 2009. According to the plan, will be delivered to 5 JF-17 Block2 fighters to Pakistan Air Force in this year, the fighter version equipped with modern avionics and air refueling system.

Jia Wade stressed that JF-17 modern fighter can meet all the needs of the Pakistan air force. The price is suitable, the cockpit is very comfortable, but also have the ability to attack over the horizon.

It is reported that Pakistan's Air Force plans to have at least 200 JF-17 aircraft, to replace the old F-7 and phantom -III fighter. The air force is also studying the possibility of buying the -10, last month on Chinese launched at the Zhuhai air show the new stealth fighter f -31 interest.

Now, the Pakistan military enterprises actively developing weapons, not only to meet the needs of the country, also for export. Jia Weide said, many international customers from developing countries are interested in the JF-17 plane, Pakistan is actively negotiating with many countries. (Translation: Lin Hai) commissioning editor: Zhou Yang

(Yan Meng, Jess Zhang: commissioning editor)

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