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Russian spy Debut Trailer (Figure)

November 26, 2014 08:52   Source: China Business News   Mobile phone news
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Anna Chapman in the promo video screenshot

According to the "Daily Mail" reported on 24, the former Russian spy Anna Chapman unveiled military propaganda, introduction of "Russian fist" of the Konoe tank division fourth. In the film, she and the Russian elite armored forces soldiers training together, to sit on the tank, while practicing marching and unarmed combat, also picked up the snow on the AK-47 automatic rifle shooting practice.

The fourth guards tank division "is Russia a long history, outstanding military exploits ace hero troops, is one of the most elite troops currently in the Russian army. In order to enhance the public support of the military and the Russian military found 32 year old Chapman shooting. Trailer, Anna wearing a custom-made uniforms, and soldiers training together.

According to Russian media reports, propaganda film intended to display in the president under the leadership of Putin, the army funds upgrade, improved the lives of troops. Anna entered the army canteen, said that she almost forgot his delicious in the camp. Finally, Anna did not forget in the film praised the Russian army's tough, she said: "our troops and military law, Peter eat well, the internal need to combat obesity, but our soldiers have no problem of obesity."

In accordance with the provisions of the Russian soldiers can not make-up, is responsible for exceptional shooting Anna promo. She said in the film, she can make up for several. It is reported that the Russian military exercise is very strict, military career is notoriously difficult, serious bullying recruits.

2010 years, Anna and the rest of the 9 Russian spies on suspicion of spying in the United States was arrested. Subsequently, Russia in exchange for espionage, with 4 jailed American spy in Russia will they exchange. Anna was deported to Russia, by beauty of fame, dabbled in politics, model and TV host community. China Daily reported Yuan Jinhui

(Yan Meng, Jess Zhang: commissioning editor)

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