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The Ukrainian president said to "total war" the EU discuss new sanctions against Russia

November 18, 2014 08:37   Source:   Mobile phone news
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Ukraine Donetsk area in the eastern part of the armed conflict, Progo Faye Jef International Airport smoke.

In November 18, comprehensive news, the president of Ukraine Poroshenko said that Ukraine was ready to respond to a "total war". EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels to discuss a new round of sanctions against russia.

The day before yesterday to accept the "German language boluoshenke pictorial" tough interview pointed out that "I am not afraid of war and the Russian army, we are ready to deal with all-out war situation." Poroshenko stressed that "we do not want war, we want peace, but Russia did not respect any treaty."

The Kiev authorities pointed out last week, Russia deployed more tanks and other heavy weapons and reinforcements in eastern Ukraine rebels.

Poroshenko said that Ukraine is now ready to work better than the previous, more able to cope with rumors of the pro Russian rebels will start a new offensive. Boluoshenke said, "I in the state more than five months ago, and we get the support of the world. Although we want peace, but we have to prepare for the worst."

Ukraine Donetsk more than two days this area once again came the sound of gunfire, the Kiev authorities said that in the past 24 hours, 6 soldiers and 3 policemen were killed in Ukraine.

Due to the situation in Ukraine deteriorated again, the EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels yesterday.

EU high representative for foreign and security policy, Mo Guerrini said, "we will discuss the new sanctions, however, the EU will also open the door to the Ukraine issue with Russia to discuss.

According to the United Nations, the conflict in eastern Ukraine for seven months, has claimed more than 4100 lives. The government of Ukraine and pro Russian rebels signed a ceasefire agreement in September 6th, after that time, Ukraine conflict has decreased, but in recent days, the situation deteriorated again.

The United Nations for the two sides to stop the surge expressed concern, the United Nations concerns both sides will launch a comprehensive fight. It is understood that since April this year, the number of refugees left by the war in eastern Ukraine has nearly 450 thousand people.

According to Ukraine news agency reported that as of now, Ukraine has a total of 445 thousand people were forced to leave the war zone, of which nearly 210 thousand people are elderly, disabled and children.

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(Yan Meng, Jess Zhang: commissioning editor)

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