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Russian media: Russian China film did not diminish interest (Figure)

09 2013 16 June 09:15   Source: Global network   Mobile phone news
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Films: Jackie's "twelve year"

Russian radio voice of the September 11th article, the original title: evaluation of the China movie some audience Russian Asian film lovers get the opportunity to evaluate Chinese new films, and is completely free. Chinese Film Festival is also held in Moscow and St Petersburg. The famous director Wong Kar Wai, Feng Xiaogang, Jackie Chan and other programs in the 10 movies. 2013 China Film Festival is on 6 month in Beijing, Shanghai, Russia, Chongqing and Hongkong at the film week response.

In fact here various genres Dou Qiquan: moving drama "China partner", the film "the painted" singular myth, history of martial arts "1942"...... However, it seems so rich and colorful programs to a great extent, but only once had a hit movie version. And, by the way, not all success. For example, Russian State University for the humanities of Chinese college students Oleg commented Jackie Chan's latest work "armor God: Zodiac mission".

Oleg said: "I often watch movies starring Jackie Chan young. Are familiar with his facial expression and action. He is an actor in this film, and a director, artist and film maker. A multitasker certainly needs a genius. Cheng Long's martial arts and skills are very good. It is a pity that the plot is too long."

Oleg's female classmate Daria said: "there is a God in the film protects the hackneyed and stereotyped expressions". The hero finally always get beauty, gold and reputation. There are a lot of hate, American style vulgar jokes in the movie. Do not look at the China culture: even the emperor's bedroom is European style. It can be said that this movie once is enough. Not very interesting."

The famous actor Zhao Wei China brought his directorial debut "Youth", but did not cause the applause of the audience. An audience said: the plot is not so reliable. The girl let the life and lovers had poor day and do not want to marry the rich.

The publicity director kensy American writer of fiction "over the cuckoo's nest" made the film "over the film adaptation of homes for the elderly", and the dilution and enrich the comedy atmosphere with Chinese humor. The hero of the film is the old madman, they unite into creative groups and intend to creation of TV programs.

A four years ago in Russia's popular "Mask" in the first few minutes of which can be seen in the Hollywood film "Lord of the rings" to follow. Like other films and Chinese, "the painted -2" is full of air combat, excessive heroism.

Chinese film directors are trying to reach the world level, but still not willing to abandon childish and extravagant passion. Oleg said: "China filming a lot of interesting historical and mythological film. It is a pity now Chinese directors are more and more often the pictures filled with meaningless fights, Hollywood style movie dizzy plot, its authenticity and uniqueness." Other people have similar views. However, the Russians interested in China film did not diminish. At China Film Festival cinema audience always.

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(commissioning editor Li Qian and Jess Zhang)

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